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Endowment Giving

Contributing to the endowment for Nashville Ballet is an investment in our future.  The intention of our endowment is to grow it substantially so the interest generated by its gifts can provide vital annual support to the organization’s operating budget.

Like the Legacy Circle, endowment gifts give donors the opportunity to have a long-lasting impact on the organization with gifts that create a personal legacy.  We encourage all supporters of Nashville Ballet to consider an annual endowment gift along with an annual fund contribution.

A common misperception is that endowment gifts may only be very large sums such as $25,000 or $100,000 or more.  While we certainly value and treasure our generous donors who support the endowment at these levels, gifts of $50 or $100 made consistently by many donors have the capacity to significantly grow our endowment.

Help us tell our story for years to come…make your endowment gift today!

To schedule a personal meeting to discuss your endowment giving options, please contact support@nashvilleballet.com